ENTRY FEE $80.00 - entitles a entry into the The Clash,both 150 Duels, Monster Energy Showdown and the Monster Energy All Star. In each race you pick 5 drivers, low score wins. 1pt for 1st, 2 pts for 2nd and so forth, ). You win $40 per race [ 1st person to post lineup by time] same as weekly winner, tie splits different lineup.. for those that are having a hard time, that is 5 different races.

You pick six drivers each week from the nascar point standings.( car

  you pick one driver from the 1-5 point standing
  you pick one driver from the 6-10 point standing
  you pick one driver from the 11-15 point standing
  you pick one driver from the 16-20 point standing
  you pick one driver from the 21-25 point standing
  you pick one driver from the 26 thru remaining drivers in points

Pick one [1] dominate driver out of the above six. He will remain your dominate driver for five [5] races- the dominate driver can only be changed [6,11,16,21] race. What ever bracket your dominate driver is in you can not pick another driver in the same bracket. If your dominate driver does not start the race you have to take the substitute driver.[for the playoffs, your driver will be for three[3] races[27,30,33] for the 26 and 36 no dominate driver needed.

You can pick your dominate driver and the other five after qualifying only for the daytona 500

two changes per week(after qualifying, cannot change your dominate)$2 per change

all lineups must be in before posted qualifing. any change must be made by 11:00 A.M. of race day

POINTS: Points will be the same as nascar with the following


      5 points for having the pole sitter in lineup
      80 points for having race winner 3rd Segment
      5 points for having 2 cars in top 10
      10 points for having 3 cars in top 10
      20 points for having 4 cars in top 10
      40 points for having 5 cars in top 10
      80 points for having 6 cars in top 10

weekly winner will win $10.00 [ 1st person to post lineup by time]*** rule change dated 05/06/2015
Leader after the 26th race, $80
After 26th race, everyone will enter in Chase

will race for 100% of money. 1st 50% 2nd 25% 3rd 15% 4th 10%[the 4 who make it to Homestead]

pts will be separated by 30 bonus pts per win
Best of luck to everyone and to get in touch with me: tomblack10@charter.net